Great Science. Good Business. Here’s how the device works for you.

Provide your patients with confidence when deciding whether to refer or biopsy a lesion of concern.

The DermaSensor device is not a screening tool—lesions that clearly warrant a biopsy should be biopsied per normal clinical practice. And clearly benign lesions do not require the use of the DermaSensor Device.

The device can be used an unlimited number of times per month, but we estimate the average practice might use the device between 10 and 50 times per month. Therefore, we suggest that practices charge a nominal fee for an optical scan of a lesion with our device which could rule out the need for a more invasive biopsy.

Est. Avg. Device Usage


Times per Month

DermaSensor May Help You

  • Make better and more confident decisions
  • Increase your reimbursement level by augmenting your typical skin assessment routine
  • Increase revenue by introducing a value-based skin health service with out-of-pocket contributions by patients
  • Improve your practice’s image by incorporating new and innovative technology

DermaSensor May Help Your Patients

  • Avoid unnecessary biopsies
  • Avoid additional visits to a dermatologist, along with the associated out-of-pocket expenses
  • Feel more confident about questionable lesions

Potential Use Cases

  • Elderly patient has a questionable lesion, but also has skin that would require lengthy healing time.
  • A young patient has a questionable lesion on their face, and is concerned about disfigurement.
  • Overcome challenges in communicating risk assessment and treatment urgency between the HCP and patient.
  • Extend lesion evaluation to other trained team members.

Technology that pays for itself.
No up-front capital expense.
Affordable payment plans.

Specialist skin cancer clinics typically charge an out-of-pocket fee ranging from $95 to $350, on top of the Medicare Rebate for a professional attendance by a general practitioner, recommending annual checks to their patients.

We provide the device. You select a testing plan that fits your practice, and pay as little $2.58 per test. Many practices who use our device charge an out-of-pocket fee to patients, as you would for any normal biopsy, excision or test. A typical fee charged to the patient may be $20 to conduct an optical scan to test for skin cancer.

Sample Pricing Model
Cost Per Test
Patient Out-of-Pocket Fee
Profit Per Test
Pricing listed is for illustrative purposes only

One-time Activation Fee

On completion of the free trial, a one-time activation fee of $99 (+GST) applies to initiate the subscription (waived if selecting one of our premium plans).

Affordable Monthly Payments

Pay just $79 per month (+GST) for up to 10 patients per month.

$5 Per Patient Thereafter

Continue using for as little as $4 (+GST) per patient thereafter (auto-billed). Excludes Unlimited Plan.

Unused Credits Rollover

Unused credits will be rolled over to the next month, so you never have to worry about changes in device use frequency.

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